Bravo Fashion roars into Cannes with tiger-print eyewear


Bravo Fashions – formerly Bravo Handbags, the US brand known for its enamelled leather products – will unveil a limited-edition Tiger Print sunglasses range during the upcoming TFWA World Exhibition.The sunglasses feature Swarovski crystals and a new technology which superimposes 12 layers of lenses with a polarised film. According to Bravo Founder Terry Smith, the sunglasses are unbreakable, scratch-resistant and ensure glare-free vision.


Bravo says its latest range features “unbreakable and scratch-resistant" eyewear

Bravo will also highlight its Leah.S (QualityRange) which is featured in US travel retail with a US$45 RRP.
The range teams polycarbonate and gold and silver metal frames and scratch-resistant lenses with Swarovski crystals in a variety of colours.


Bravo boosts its sunglasses line-up with new collections for Cannes

As reported, Smith joined the Wild Tiger Roar Trip as ‘co-pilots’ Gautom Menon and Paul George Vedanayagam made their way across China. Bravo is a sponsor of the Roar Trip to Cannes and Smith said he would continue to support Wild Tiger’s conservation efforts.
At Cannes, the brand will also release a range of reading glasses, with 1.25 to 3.00 diopter strength and lenses which are also said to be unbreakable.
Bravo extended its eyewear range earlier this year. New designs featured armour-plated stainless steel frames and polycarbonate lenses.
In Cannes, the Bravo showroom will be located at the Clarion Suites, 12 Rue La Tour.

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