Covid-19: Two Bravo Fashion sunglass collections to list with airlines on restart

By LUKE BARRAS-HILL | Friday, 1 May 2020 12:58


US-based Bravo Fashion has announced its latest Sparkle Lens Collection and Pearl and Diamond Collection of sunglasses are destined for travel retail.

Both collections will be available with Air France, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines when flights recommence.

The Sparkle Lens Collection is manufactured with armour-plated stainless steel frames embossed with 18-carat rose gold and silver gradient grey lenses.


The collections are due to list with Air France, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines.

The Silver Fleck sunglasses debuted recently in London and attracted high demand.

Meanwhile, the Pearl and Diamond Collection  is inspired by the world’s rarest and exclusive gems (pictured below).

Twelve diamonds and two pearls make up each sunglass, which are designed to make a bold fashion statement.



The collection also features Bravo Fashion’s signature lightweight armour-plated stainless steel frames with 18-carat gold.

Bravo Fashion supports the Wild Tiger Fund and donates 10% of all sales towards conservation efforts.


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