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BV3005R Unisex Prescription Readers | BravoFashion

Stunning RX Quality Lightweight Armor Plated Stainless Steel Sunglasses from Bravo.

:6 Microns of 18 Karat Gold Plating.

: Virtually Indestructible.  Nearly impossible to break.

:Scratch Resistant Acrylate  Lens for Better Light Transpency for Readers and Longer Lens Life.

:Fog Technology will clear fog almost completely. So you can have excellent clear view.

:Rain Technology. Improves vision when its raining in daytime.

: Lenses can be easily exchanged by all optometrist for Prescription Reading, Sunglasses or Bi Focals.

: This design accentuated with Redwood Beads from Tibet.


Size: 53-22/145

BV3005R Unisex Prescription Readers

$225.00 Regular Price
$157.50Sale Price
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